Using video

Using Video to Atract the Best Talent

Using VideoUse Video To Engage Potential Candidates:

With the steep take up in social media channels as a way to market, online video is now considered the most compelling media to engage prospective employees. It provides the perfect opportunity to enthuse candidates about your company, its culture and why joining is such an attractive proposition. Added benefits are the leading edge perception of your organisation and added SEO value.

Research shows that Employers incorporating video into their job postings are reporting significant increases response figures and a higher calibre of applicant.


Below are some useful pointers and information to help your recruitment campaigns get the most from using Video…


Let your employees tell their story

Use employee testimonials about why they chose to work for your organisation.

Personal insights resonate with candidates and provide a sense of genuine testamony about working at the organisation. The first rule in sales is ‘People Buy People First’… never so true as in the recruitment arena from both the employer and emplyee sides of the fence.


Avoid scripting – natural is best

A natural narrative is essential to conveying trust.

Scripting has its place, but it’s an aquired art best left to actors and politicians! When you want to convey an honest sincere message to camera, you want it to come from the heart. With a couple of takes, people are usually able to feel comfortable with delivering a natural dialogue. Use of a Q&A approach works well too, whereby a person prompts the spokesperson for the answers. The final edit only uses the answers spliced together, thereby providing a natural interview style narrative to the piece.


Highlight the unique benefits of your organisation

Benefits are the great differentiators – use them!

Wherever possible, try to work in the key benefits that working for your organisation affords employee and any specific to the particular role being advertised. This maybe by way of the speaker, or in a voice-over, supported by cut-away shots to amplify the points.


Show your company culture in a fun way

Time flies when your having fun.

If you can find a way to convey the fun associated with the role and the organisation’s culture, this can be highly influential on people‚Äôs perceptions of the enjoyment and fulfilment factors associated with your organisation. Quirky but informative without missing the mark is both effective and memorable.


Portray projects that employees are working on.

Fact is preferable to fiction.

Seeing people actually engaged in their work rather than just talking about it cements the perception of working for an organisation. Filming of ongoing projects helps engage the viewer and enables them to visualise themselves working in that environment. Planning stages, meetings and hands-on clips help candidates identify with the aspirational aspects and responsibility of roles.