Questions and Answers

I’ve never been involved with a Video production before and am a little apprehensive?

Like anything new, it can seem a little daunting, however putting a video together is really very easy. The key is in the planning and organisation and that is what your production company is there for. Once commissioned, they will hand hold you and advise throughout the process to ensure you end up with a video that works for you, as intended.

I’ve always understood video production to be expensive?

That was true back in the analogue days, but the digital age of new and social media has changed all that. Today video is remarkably cost effective. Again good planning is the key to keeping costs down. At its simplest, a video interview can cost as little as £500 inc the shooting, audio and editing.

I’m convinced my organisation will benefit from the use of Video Marketing. How do I get started?

Like all forms of communication, the key is clarity. Start by clearly defining what it is you want to achieve with your video in terms of communication. If it’s a selling video remember you must sell the benefits, not just the product. If it’s an information video or for training, quality information, demonstrations and facts are the way to go.

I would like to add video to my company website for SEO gain, but I am not sure what will work best?

As far as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ goes any video will help raise you up the rankings so it is about what will capture your client’s imagination. It could be a key facts video, latest news about a product or project, a Chairman or MD talking heads message, training video, recruitment video or a weekly blog. Once you have built up a number of videos, an online video archive facility, via your site, would be very beneficial for SEO.

What content should I consider and how long should my Video be?

Try to put yourself in the seat of the viewer. What content will engage them? We live in a world of short attention spans and viewers like concise messages and hard information. The viewer will be engaged as long as the content is of interest to them. So the golden rule on duration is to let the content dictate (unless it’s a commercially defined time slot), but make sure the content is premium and on message.

How do I plan my Video and brief the production company?

Start by thinking in terms of the video by sections and list these out with what content each section will contain. Start with the establishing Introduction, then the key communication sections and the essential points to cover. Finally the closing outro with any calls to action that maybe required. Also think about the potential environment you have in mind if applicable and the timing and availability of any people involved. Logos, graphics and titles will probably be needed and lastly think about whether you feel the video would benefit from a voice-over or addition of library music to add atmosphere. Your production company will flesh this plan out with you and discuss the details, visualisation and process. If applicable, your production company will also draw up a storyboard to cover the key moments and encapsulate the flow of the proposed video production, so everyone involved has the same vision.

How long will the video take to produce?

The timescale obviously depends on the nature of the production and amount of content and number of locations. As a rule of thumb, a full days filming warrants a day’s editing. Simpler talking heads, training and product videos can be turned around in a week from shooting to final video upload.

Why Use Video?

Video has become the communications media of the moment. By far the most impactful and engaging tool in the online marketplace. It is one of the key components to people making a buying decision and its effectiveness in the training arena is unquestionable. On top of this, its search engine influence is now huge and still growing. Indeed the chances of getting a page one listing on google is increased by 53 times with video content, according to latest figures. If you want to get to market, video has to be part of the proposition mix.

Why Use A Professional Video Company?

With the video capability of today’s smartphones, you may well ask why not just film the video using my smartphone or an amateur videocam. Well the truth is in some instances that may well suffice, especially if it’s just informal clips of an event. However, if you want your organisation or event to look professional and not just a series of clips as often seen on personal YouTube or social media films, you need to get a well thought out and considered video made. High quality filming and lighting is important, whilst good quality sound is one of the key areas that is a hall mark of professional productions. This aligned with the creativity and experience of a professional company will pay dividends in the long run with a final production that your viewers will find more engaging.

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