Quantum Video Portfolio

QuantumVideo Film Portfolio

Below is a small selection from our Film Portfolio comprising of work from various projects including corporate, live music, travel, drone filming, interviews and conferences; we even produce high end cinematic wedding films. If you have a video or film requirement, get in touch and we will provide a quote along with any advice we can offer.

Corporate Promotion

A re-brand promotional film for use across multiple channels, including social media, web and conferences. Working with the client’s brand agency, infographics, along with a strong people element, was a key in getting the visual balance right to compliment the brand ethos.


We were commissioned by Music Interface Records to produce a music video to promote ‘Meri Jaan’ sung by Jeena Kumari. Based on a storyline of a couple dancing around the world, it was shot on a large green screen set in west London, with Absolute Bollywood Dancers Nisha and Rai.


We were commissioned to produce a series of 3 music videos for a record company, all with a Bollywood theme and filmed at a local playhouse. ‘One Life’, ‘Menu Lechal Mundya’ and ‘Flowers in the Snow’, were sung by Jeena Kumari. Danced and performed by Absolute Bollywood Dancers, with choreography by Sonia Tharani.


QuantumVideo has extensive experience of filming interviews of all types. We always aim to make the interviews engaging, informative with a natural and relaxed look. No two interviews are the same, and we are often asked to act as interviewers as well as film it. We liaise with clients beforehand to ensure the interview is ‘on- message’ and delivers the required communications target. Where applicable, auto-cue facilities are utilised.

Video Blog – Leadership Training

We filmed Guy Browning, one of the UK’s most in demand conference and after dinner speakers with a firm grasp of business issues and an indestructible sense of humour, at a Leadership Training conference. It was shot as a Q&A session to prompt the content for editing to the final film and series of video blogs.


Animated graphics is increasingly being used in corporate promotion videos, especially for online delivery and social media. As part of a ‘virtual’ world-wide video conference held online, utilising the Zoom app facility due to the Corona Virus restrictions, we were asked to create animation stings for use throughout the conference for breaks and links.

Conference Films

Produced for a global conference themed around ‘Agility in the Market’. Delegates were filmed on a mobile green-screen set and then transposed into a quiz style environment.

Conference Films

Filmed on location at a conference themed around ‘Future Markets’. Delegates were asked what one task would they request a personal robot to do for them… some unexpected answers emerged!

Fun Social Media Videos

One of a selection of fun films used to inject a lighter side to corporate life. Interviewees were asked to name an emoji they would like to use, that didn’t already exist!

Management Conference

Javier Bajer is a Cultural Architect advising a wide range of organisations on the development of their cultures, from HSBC to Buckingham Palace. We filmed him at a management training conference in Barcelona.

Drone Aerial Filming

As an authorised CAA licensed commercial drone operator, Quantum has carried out a number of aerial projects using UAV drones, all filmed or photographed in 4k HD. From Estates & Property promotions to Events coverage and Construction progress requirements, affordable aerial footage facilitated by drones is now in high demand.

Property Promotion

Video is now the most powerful marketing tool and sales-aid for higher-end properties and real estate. Prospective clients have come to expect an online ‘Walk-Through’ that gives them a real feel for the location and substance of the property in question, be it a house or business office space, prior to an actual visit.

With a simple half day shoot and editing, we can have your property on-line within a couple of days.

Cinematic Wedding Films

Memorable Day Films is our Wedding Film production arm and we have gained a reputation for producing high quality cinematic-style Wedding  Films, which capture the story of the day in a natural, authentic style; the people, the fun and the emotions… Click here to learn more.

Live Music

A live gig featuring legendary Jazz musician Ed Bentley, we filmed his set at the amazing 606 Jazz Club in London for promotional purposes. This was a multicam shoot, with sound through the mixing desk. A great evening; great music with a live audience and a great atmosphere.

Business Academy Promo

A promotional corporate video for an annual business academy course held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Future leaders are brought together in a ‘think tank’ course over 5 days, aimed at senior management developement.

Travel – Destination Promo

We were asked by Mosaic Holidays, in conjunction with the Jordan Tourist Board, to produce a destination promotions film to help promote Tours of Jordan to UK Travel agents. Renowned Travel writer and Jordan expert, Mattew Teller, agreed to present and narrate the film. The result generated a surge in bookings to the destination for the company.

Brand Promo Film

Quantum was asked to come up with a ‘SuperPower’ brand promo film to support the launch of a new corporate brand. We presented a few creative possibilities, then storyboarded the preferred approach. The production was a lot of fun to shoot, as was the editing. The client was delighted with the outcome, which was used on their social media channels and at conferences. The promo gained far more media coverage and feedback than anticipated and contributed to significant web traffic numbers.

Live Debate

The Royal College of Nursing asked Quantum to film a key debate in its entirety, held at the Royal College of Surgeons in London, and chaired by Doctor Philip Hammond (who is also a professional comedian!). This critical meeting about the declining standards in nursing was filmed with multiple desktop mics and three cameras, to ensure all contributions were recorded.

Holiday Company Promo

We produced this upbeat promo advert to highlight the luxury tailor-made offerings of this Tour Operator. The challenge was working within a tight budget using ‘still photos’ rather than video clips to establish a fun and energetic feel, whilst retaining their 5* up-market profile.


Barhale Construction specialise in heavy engineering projects and commissioned Quantum to film a series of training videos to aid their workforce management team. This, along with various ‘progress’ coverage films, has helped accelerate staff development and client awareness of the company’s standards, including safety.