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5 Video ideas to get you started

Video Marketing – Ideas to Get You Started – If you are looking to improve your online proposition, utilising the power of Video, its great to start to build your video library with some tried and tested material that will help you hit the ground running. The following are 5 great video content ideas you can put into action quickly and with minimal budget.

video ideas


IDEAL FOR: Building your video library, brand awareness, content re-use on various channels (blog, YouTube, social, etc.), and attracting leads with industry-specific interests.

Interview-style videos are a great way to give your video collection a boost and attract an audience who cares about your industry and what you have to offer. To start your video collection, you can create an interview series and discuss broad topics of importance to your target audience, with influencer guests they’ll appreciate. If there’s an influencer in your industry you have an association with, build that relationship and then get them to take part in a video piece for you.


IDEAL FOR: Easing people from the discovery phase into the real meat of what you deliver.

B2B buyers often start their search with Google, so your video content should be created with SEO in mind. One of the best ways to stand out in search is to create videos around the questions your target audience is asking. Use short informative blurbs to answer questions related to their speciality. By becoming the experts who can answer the question clearly in just under a minute, you become the people clients want to do business with. Videos should include great calls to action, prompting the download of another piece of content. This guides people to the next stage of the funnel where they’ll learn more about you. Overall, consider creating this type of quick hit video to answer important customer questions in your industry and use the end of the video to prompt the download of a piece of informative, midfunnel content.


IDEAL FOR: pre-event email marketing direct to the attendee list, teaching fellow conference attendees about your areas of expertise, and scheduling in-person meetings prior to a live event.

Event videos both before, during, and after your conferences are the key. You can film 8 different kinds of videos surrounding your events (all found within this helpful post) and many are perfect for obtaining a meeting while conferencing, or using as follow up when discussing educational content with new late-in-the-funnel prospects.


IDEAL FOR: The justification and evaluation stage of the funnel when buyers are considering whether you solve their specific pain points. Arguably one of the most important video types in your collection.

Great customer testimonials is what most B2B buyers are searching for once on your site and form powerful ‘trust’ factor content. A testimonial is the stamp of approval from other businesses and filming a great one is the perfect way to showcase how your solution fits into multiple industries, how it solves common customer problems, and how you go above and beyond (even post sale) to deliver customer success. When developing a testimonial video, never underestimate the power of B-roll, always ask leading questions rather than typical Q&A and always find a way to position your customer as a total hero.


IDEAL FOR: Helping buyers justify their decision to purchase, email follow up, lead generation, and addressing the end of the funnel with your video collection.

In B2B, Product Videos are necessary at some point along the funnel – namely toward the middle to end of the funnel to help justify a potential purchase and, because your audience should be nodding along in agreement with you at all times, your goal is to show them you understand their world. As companies have discovered, a play-by-play walkthrough of your audience’s actual tasks can be pretty effective as a demo.